Juggling Grad School and Dev Work-DevRetro 2022

Juggling Grad School and Dev Work-DevRetro 2022

2022 was a year of becoming a better programmer and investing more in personal development. It's hard to believe it's almost been a full year since I joined AirQo. Juggling school and work have been a whole ballgame for me this year. Keep reading to learn more about my experiences in 2022 and what I have planned for the future.

What went well

Joining AirQo

It has been a very rewarding and productive experience. Joined with limited real-world practical experience and now growing more proficient in frontend development. Adopted new concepts like Agile philosophy, Product mindset, and Bus factor. Challenged with redesigning the AirQo website which we managed to successfully deploy using ReactJS & Django. Have shipped new features and implemented bug fixes on the Analytics platform. Took on the role of Analytics product lead ie responsible for ensuring that the Analytics platform is working well and meets the needs of end-users. Also, leading works on the Analytics product redesign which will see the product's look and feel revamped and the addition of useful data visualization features & tools. Initiated the Engineering blog writing works and published 20 blogs on different topics in just a few months. Find our Hashnode blog here.

Graduate School

Started doing a CS Masters in October. My favorite core is Machine Learning. Learned to read and review research papers and carry out exploratory data analysis(EDA). Will be publishing some papers soon.

Technical knowledge & Knowledge Transfer

Wrote better code. How did I evaluate that you ask? My code is on production hallo!? My confidence level has improved from the cumulative hours put into writing code. Git workflow is now welded into my thumb memory.

Learned to make better code reviews. Wrote a couple of blogs on Eslint, Work experience, DevOps, SSH, Algorithms, etc. Taught some nontechnical friends to code in HTML, CSS, and JS. Between March & April, taught grade 3 and grade 4 learners from Watoto School Computational thinking. That is an unforgettable experience!!! Came up with engaging teaching notes and presentations. I can share them if you ask nicely in the comments section. Left a handful of kids inspired and aspiring to be like me—creating solutions to important problems with code.

Did a lot of graphics design, content design & UI design. Will be doing this more and learning advanced tricks in this arena.

What didn't go well

Things tend to change and move fast in the tech space/while working on a software project. This requires one to be a fast learner. In addition, most technical concepts are difficult to grasp in one go. Danced to this tune big time.

What I plan to accomplish & improve this year

My main priority is to be a more aggressive problem solver this year. Read documentation. Will also be teaching programming more this year. Write more technical blogs. Launch a podcast.

Launch a podcast...

Low-key put out a trailer last year. New episodes coming out soon.

It's been a busy year, to say the least, but I wouldn't have it any other way. God was faithful. Big thanks to those that supported me in this journey. Looking forward to accomplishing bigger and impacting things in 2023!


Here's an interesting video recap of my GitHub activity in 2022. Made with #GitHubUnwrapped 2022